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This is a substantial project which may be undertaken in phases as sufficient funds become available.
The trustees need the financial support of trusts, foundations, companies and individuals interested in art appreciation or in the history and development of religious art in Scotland.

On any view the entire project will require substantial funds and donations are invited to meet the cost of the restoration of these nationally and internationally  significant works of art which are also important in the history of religious art in Scotland.

For an outline of our Indicative Budget Costs please click on the link below to download our document:

The link below outlines our Updated Indicative Budget Costs as at September 2019.

Higher Framework Cost with gold leaf.Sept.2019.Revised

If you are making such a donation, Gift Aid allows us to claim a further 25 % at no further cost to the donor, and is to be encouraged where applicable. Please add Gift Aid if you are eligible to do so.

An alternative method of payment is to send a cheque, payable to the Runciman Apse Trust, to The Treasurer, Runciman Apse Trust, St Patrick’s RC Church, 40 High Street, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 1TQ. In doing so please ask for a Gift Aid form, if you have not already filled one in.

By whatever means you choose to give, your donation will be greatly appreciated and put to good use in restoring and recovering significant works of art for this generation and future generations to appreciate.

Please give what you can.

At the end of the project an account of the project will be published, acknowledging the support of all donors generally but specific mention will be made of various categories of donors. These will include trusts, foundations and companies who have made significant contributions. They will also include the following classes of individuals:

“Runciman Apse Supporters” for donations of £1,000 or more
“Runciman Apse Restorers” for donations of £5,000 or more
“Runciman Apse Curators” for donations of £10,000 or more
“Runciman Apse Patrons “ for donations of £15,000 or more

If you wish to be included in any of the above classes, you may pay by instalments in accordance with your other commitments but if you wish to pay by instalments, please write to the Treasurer at the above address or email him at admin@runcimanapsetrust.com advising him of which class you wish to join and of details of your proposed installments.

Media Coverage.

For recent media coverage about our project please click below to hear the Interview broadcast on BBC Radio in November 2018.


We are delighted to have featured in The Tablet on 9th February 2019 and to have been given the generous opportunity to discuss our exciting project! Please  read the article here below.

Tablet Artical