Call-out: We’re fundraising!

Digital enhancement for illustrative purposes.

As our four, newly restored, pendant paintings settle into their new lives and ways of being, we are shortly embarking on a vigorous exercise of fundraising – so we’ll need all the help we can get!

Whilst the  University of Glasgow analyse their technical findings – following our students’ Masters Research into both The Ascension, and Christ and the Woman of Samaria – we prepare ourselves to roll our Fundraising showcase out of St Patrick’s, and towards The Great beyond!

Are you a member of our congregation? Did you arrive in our Little Ireland (the  name given to this area of Edinburgh owing to the migration of people from  Ireland, which heralded the birth of Hibernian football club in 1886 by a resident  priest to give young Irish – and Scottish –  men something to immerse themselves in whilst they waited for work)? Or are you a long lost ancestor who left our shores in search of greatness across “The Pond”?

Whoever you are; wherever you are; whatever your religious/ spiritual beliefs, ( even whether or not you entertain such beliefs…) we need you!

Our work involves the restoration of the first religious artworks in Scotland instituted in a place of public worship, post Reformation, and they are of significant cultural and historical value.

Do get in touch with me to discuss how you can help us on this remarkable journey of bringing back to life a significant piece of Scotlands history… I look forward to hearing from you!

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