Welcome to the website for the Runciman Apse Trust which was established in 2016 to restore, reinstate, preserve and present to the public in their context the murals painted by Alexander Runciman in the east apse of St Patrick's RC Church Cowgate, Edinburgh.

Although this Apse currently functions as a side chapel, it was originally designed as the sanctuary where the liturgy was celebrated. This was before the main altar was repositioned 90 degrees north to its current position.

The project will include removing layers of paint covering the mural of the Ascension of Christ painted on the ceiling of the apse, restoring it and cleaning and restoring the wall panels which have accumulated centuries of dirt.

The trustees understand that the ceiling painting was over-painted when the church was acquired by the United Presbyterians. As this was only 44 years after the mural was painted, the trustees are reasonably optimistic that it will still be in good condition once the covering layers of paint are removed.